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A Course in Miracles TIMELINE

One day in October 1965, Helen Schucman, a clinical and research psychologist, heard a voice say: “This is a course in miracles; please take notes. ” The voice presents itself as 'Jesus' . With her colleague William Thetford's support and assistance in transcribing her shorthand notes, Schucman takes down, over several years, some 1,500 typewritten pages which becomes A Course in Miracles.

A lengthy process of retyping the Course begins. Bill Thetford is adamant that no changes be made other than correcting the typing errors and removing specifically personal material. Jesus designates Bill to be the one in charge of all changes.

In the months following the completion of A Course in Miracles in 1972, at least four people are given copies: Cal Thatcher, a close friend of Helen's; the Jesuit Father Benedict Groeshel CFR , student of Helen's; Hugh Lynn Cayce, son of psychic Edgar Cayce and Kenneth Wapnick, a clinical psychologist, who had recently converted to Catholicism and is informed of Bill and Helen through Father Groeshel.

Kenneth Wapnick requests permission from Helen to re-edit the Course. During the editing: 25% of the first 5 chapters is deleted; paragraphs are rearranged; chapter and section titles, previously inserted by Bill and Helen during their re-typing, are changed; punctuation is changed; CAPITALIZATION, previously included for emphasis, has been changed to lower case and, in only a few cases, replaced with italics. The 53 miracle principles are changed to 50. Descriptions of the miracle principles are re-arranged and in some cases obtained from other areas of the text. 127 references to “Soul” are changed to 12. The word “Soul” is either deleted or changed to another word such as: creations, you, spirit.


Dr. Douglas Dean ("Dean"), a physicist engineer, introduced Schucman, Thetford and Wapnick to Judith Skutch Whitson who later gave a copy of the Work to Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut and allegedly "the sixth man to walk on the moon" .